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Meet Six Foot Blonde!

Anne Wilson is the heart and soul of Six Foot Blonde.  Her powerhouse vocals and stage presence has set the bar for performers in Central Ohio since 2005.  

In 2007 she founded Six Foot Blonde wanting to have the music centered around music originally recorded by strong female vocalists, both contemporary and classic.

She enjoys singing rock and pop covers with the band, as well as smooth jazz and acoustic covers at smaller venues around central Ohio.  Anne’s natural vocal talents are highlighted throughout the evening as she sings the current and yesteryear hits of the pop world


Rob “The Milkman” Armstrong has been playing guitar since junior high school and performed and recorded with many different bands and artists around Ohio.  He has been a fixture in the Columbus, Ohio music scene for many years.  

Rob’s personality is that of a true showman and professional.  He works hard to not only make the music sound amazing but to ensure everyone is having a good time, and that a real show is put on for the crowd.  He jokes and smiles constantly throughout the show ensuring everyone is included and having a great time.  He knows that live

performances are more than just a listening pleasure, but also a visual and inclusive event for everyone to enjoy.

Oh, and he enjoys bourbon.... good bourbon.


Todd Berry has been playing bass in Columbus Ohio for many years.  He is not only an active live musician but also is regularly called upon to provide his talents on various studio projects.  Todd is known for his versatility of styles drawing from vast previous experience with rock, jazz, funk and soul. His main passion is creating solid funk grooves.  

Having grown up with parents that were both music teachers and still active professional musicians has also contributed to his breadth of musical knowledge and ability.

Todd has played in several Columbus, Ohio bands including: Shock-Tu , The Bellows , Rich Meaty Taste , Funky Blue , and OSU jazz combos.

Jason Greenwald (aka Piano Picasso) is Six Foot Blonde’s most versatile musician playing keyboards, guitar and harmonica all while singing many of the background and lead vocal parts.  Jason started out playing piano as a child and added guitar while in his teens.  Jason took vocal lessons to round out his many talents and soon after found himself a part of many successful ventures.  

He has played many styles and genres throughout his musical career including jazz, country, 80’s hair music, pop and modern rock.  He recorded two CDs getting local and regional air play and he also co-wrote and co-recorded the score to Next Stop Spinsterland, a play that had a six week run in the Chicago Theater District. Six Foot Blonde considers itself lucky that Jason has chosen them to lend his talents.


John Randall is a powerhouse drummer that has been playing drums since he was 15 years old.  John was born and raised in Columbus Ohio, and has played with several bands and genres over the years.  Fluid, Not Dead Yet, and most recently with the Six-Foot Blonde Band. He also spent some time subbing with Kenny Kanowski and Chillin Sun when needed. John’s musical taste is all over the board. Rock, Jazz, Country, Funk, Blues, Prog Rock…..whatever as long as it sounds good and has some sort of groove!