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Six Foot Blonde specializes in Weddings, Corporate Events, Festivals and other formal gatherings.

Six Foot Blonde feels right at home performing at weddings.  The band has been a part of dozens of weddings and specializes in bringing a high energy performance that will get your guests up and dancing all night long.   

Most bands have limitations on the style of music they can perform based on the musicianship and vocal ability. SFB boasts the highest level of versatile musicians as well as the some of the best vocals you will hear anywhere.  That’s right, anywhere!   We can provide acoustic, jazz and full band, high energy entertainment for the reception! SONGS FOR YOUR WEDDING

Having such talented female and male vocals opens up endless possibilities in picking songs for your wedding day!

If after looking over the bands playlist you have specific “special” songs that you would like the band to play, SFB can learn them.  The band has the musicianship and vocal skills to learn any song that you request.  Make sure and have your requests to the band 60 days prior to the wedding date so the band has plenty of time to learn the songs that you want performed.




Anne Wilson will be happy to EMCEE your entire event. She works directly with you to ensure the correct name pronunciations of all attendees needing an introduction from the wedding party and special guests.  In addition to handling all of your special announcements, Anne will keep the event's agenda flowing smoothly according to a pre-determined order.  There will be a wireless microphone available at all times for toasts, prayers, speeches, and any special announcements.


SFB has been a part of many weddings and understand their role in helping you to have a wonderful reception filled with your wishes.  We can dress from black tie to grass skirts based on your recommendations.  The band is fully aware of how to carry themselves and will always behave in an appropriate manner.  



Every wedding is different and has its own flow and needs.  Would you like a piano playing jazz standards while your guests filter in? Or perhaps a more contemporary unplugged acoustic set with Anne singing to keep people entertained before you make your entrance?  Even something as simple as having an mp3 player playing music that you have provided through the P.A. while your guests eat.  It’s all available - just let us know what your vision for your day is and we will make it happen.



SFB owns their own professional sound system and light show that can handle any size event, large or small.  We keep a clean and professional look and pride ourselves on having professionals run our equipment ensuring we will sound and look our best.  We will always be loaded in and set-up in plenty of time prior to the reception start time.


Below is a list of services and details that will help determine pricing for your wedding and will help to keep any surprises out of the equation.  Keep in mind that we play weddings on almost every weekend during the summer months so the earlier we are contacted with your date and needs the better chance you have of securing Six Foot Blonde for your wedding.

Please take time to look it over to be sure you get everything that you want while remaining in your budget.

  • What is the date of your wedding?

  • Where is the reception being held?

  • Is the wedding being held at the same place as the reception?

  • What time is the wedding service?

  • What time will the guests be arriving at the reception?

  • When is the reception hall available for the band to set up their gear?

  • If the reception is outdoors do you have a company providing shelter and electric?

  • How many people will be attending the reception?


  • Emcee services provided by Anne
  • Piano only being played while guests arrive to reception.
  • Acoustic set with Anne singing played during cocktails and/or dinner.
  • Mp3 of predetermined songs to be played during certain times to be specified.
  • Full band playing (2) one hour sets of music with a half hour break between sets.
  • Full band playing (3) one hour sets of music with a half hour break between sets.